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From high-risk exploration to producing asset acquisitions, 
we've done it all and achieved commercial success.

                                          Technical Quality Control

Quality control of basic and advanced technical work is our core skill set at Cayo Energy. With over 55 years of global experience in technical evaluations of exploration and production assets, we’ve done the ‘hands-on’ work your technical teams are doing now. From country rankings to regional basin evaluations to producing field and prospect evaluations, we can work with your teams and management to quality control the products you have come to expect from a high-performing organization. 

We can help your technical management streamline work flows and focus their team’s efforts on what really matters most – how their work will contribute to and make an immediate impact on your ‘bottom line.’ Our philosophy and practice is to 'work behind the numbers' and quality control the inputs used in your numerical risk models so that the outputs make technical sense. Working with your commercial team, we can help you understand the competitive landscape and whether or not there can be a near-term, long-term, or no commercial solution for discovered hydrocarbons.

In times like these where CAPEX spending must be tightly controlled, you have to be sure your investment dollars are going to the right projects. We can help you make that happen so your shareholders and investors see financially successful, real-time results. For more in formation, please contact us.

Some examples of the products used in our evaluations include:
Example from a recent country-entry evaluation.
Example of a first pass "stop-light" screening from a recent country-entry evaluation.
How we look at prospective basins once a country-entry decision has been made.
Example of a target play: proven and prospective heavy oil resources.