Cayo Energy LP, a Texas company
Cayo Energy LP

Over 5 years of successful asset and company evaluations.

                                Mergers and Acquisitions Evaluations

The Cayo Energy consulting team has worked with several major investment banks and financial institutions to evaluate M&A opportunities for buy and sell side IOC's and private equity clients. We understand that you require quick and concise answers, and our consultants will help position you to take advantage of the dynamic environment that is shaping today's M&A business. Having been successful on the exploration side of the business, we believe we can go beyond the numbers to help senior managements get the answers to some critical questions:
  • Will the basin, play or prospect technically work?
  • How do we position ourselves for commercial success?
  • Do I have the right team in place and the organizational capability to execute the program?

Working with your technical team, we can help you quality control predicted upside resource volumes and output estimates for each target asset or company, and assess if they are realistic and achievable, not just possible. Working with your commercial team, we can help you understand the competitive landscape of your prospective target, and if a successful acquisition will make you a leader or a follower in that space. Working with the major lender of your choice, we will act as your technical representative and help insure that you do not over pay for the opportunity.

For help and advice with your next M&A opportunity, please contact us.