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The exploration efforts of Cayo's consultants while at Burlington Resources (in partnership with Repsol) yielded multiple commercial hydrocarbon discoveries. Fields discovered as a direct result of our work and management oversight include the Buena Vista, Delfín, and Raya heavy oil fields, and the large Kinteroni and Sagari gas-condensate fields. In 2006, Cayo's consultants also provided Pacific Exploration and Production (previously Pacific Rubiales) with early assistance in their initial screening and introduction to Peru, where in 2013 they made a potentially commercial discovery with the Los Angeles-1X well in Block 131. 
A natural oil seep from the Huallaga Basin, Peru
Oil saturated reservoir sandstone, Buena Vista Field, Marañon Basin, Peru; the well tested 2830 bopd of 13.7 degree API oil; the field has 3P reserves of 113 mmbo (information source: Oil & Gas Journal, January 23, 2006; Perupetro, World Heavy Oil Congress, 2014).
Kinteroni Field, Ucayali Basin, Peru ( source: )