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Welcome to Notes and News! This is our forum for announcements, happenings, and general information about Cayo Energy that may be of interest to our clients, friends, and colleagues. We hope you find these posts worthwhile reading.
March 17, 2021

New Publication from the African Energy Chamber Available Soon!
A new publication from the African Energy Chamber, "African Energy: Road to Recovery", is a review of current investment and business trends in Africa, and plots a course for recovery in the energy business within the region. With contributions from the experts that make up the Chamber's Executive and Advisory teams, new and veteran investors and leaders will find the information and insights interesting and informative. You can find the publicationsoon through various vendors (view here), including On behalf of the Chamber, we hope you enjoy this compelling volume, and we welcome your feedback.
August 14, 2020

Another New Publication is Now Available
A second new publication from Bob Erlich, with David Pocknall as the senior author is now available for download from the Journal of South American Earth Sciences. "Palynostratigraphy and lithostratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene outcrop sections, Mérida Andes (Maracaibo Basin), Western Venezuela", is a synopsis of 30 years of geological field work along the eastern margin of the Maracaibo Basin, and is available here. We hope you find it informative and useful. Another technical study is in the works, and should become public in 2021.
July 29, 2020

Dr. Robert Erlich Appointed to African Energy Chamber Exploration Advisory Committee
Dr. Robert Erlich is among five appointees to the new Exploration Committee of the African Energy Chamber. The mission of the AEC is to foster, growth, opportunity, and development of the energy sector across Africa, and the Exploration Committee will play a key role in in this mission. The complete announcement is included below.

Lajumoke, Hogan, Ntephe, Erlich and Romanchock Appointed into

African Energy Chamber’s Advisory Committee on Exploration

07/29/2020 ~ IDOWU SOWUNMI

In order to advise public and private stakeholders towards a recovery for the exploration industry in the continent, African Energy Chamber has appointed some experts into a dedicated Advisory Committee on Exploration.


With its new Exploration Committee, African Energy Chamber would be working on a roadmap to exploration recovery. As energy markets become increasingly competitive and new frontiers emerge every year, the need for African jurisdictions to stay competitive and attract capital and technology in the continent’s acreages is more important than ever.


Members of the committee include: Vice President, Africa, ION, Folarin Lajumoke; Principal Geologist, Samara Geosciences, LLC, Mark Romanchock; General Manager, Lukoil International Upstream West, H. Daniel Hogan; Partner and Executive Director, Upstream, Cayo Energy LP, Robert Erlich; and President/Chief Executive Officer, ERHC Energy, Peter Ntephe.


While the industry has started its slow recovery, the impact of the 2020 crisis on exploration activities in Africa would be felt even harder in the longer term.

Acting in their personal capacity, the Exploration Committee members have gathered decades of experience working in the exploration industry, and understand the importance of keeping seismic programmes and exploratory drilling going to preserve the future of the industry.


“Africa remains one of the most under-explored region on the planet, yet one where betting on exploration has proven a huge success.


“Recent discoveries in Senegal or Mozambique have showed what rewards explorers get by betting on Africa.


“We need to work on a stronger dialogue to make our sedimentary basins competitive and attractive for explorers, and bring back Africa’s rigs count up,” said Executive Chairman at the African Energy Chamber, Nj Ayuk.


The exploration industry has been the hardest hit by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the subsequent historic crash in oil prices.

Most seismic acquisition and exploratory drilling programmes have been suspended or altogether cancelled as a result of worsening market conditions.

June 21, 2020

New Publication is Now Available
A new publication from Bob Erlich and Jim Pindell, "Crustal origin of the West Florida Terrane, and detrital zircon provenance and development of accommodation during initial rifting of the southeastern Gulf of Mexico and western Bahamas",is now available for download from the Geological Society of London at We hope you find it informative and useful. Work continues on our other projects, one of which was recently successfully completed in Brazil, and two new business/strategic alliances are being negotiated as of this writing; we hope to announce those soon. Stay tuned for more news!
March 10, 2020

2019 Roundup and 2020 Forecast
Cayo Energy was quite busy in 2019 wrapping up major project work with ION E&P Advisors and special project work with private equity-funded clients working in South America and Equatorial Africa. Both opportunities were successfully acquired, and we were pleased to learn that the Enerflex project with Alvopetro (see note from December 2018) has been quite successful.

The partnership has also been an integral part of technical geoscience work in the Gulf of Mexico with Jim Pindell of Tectonic Analysis Inc., and will be publishing a new study, "Crustal origin of the West Florida Terrane, and detrital zircon provenance and development of accommodation during initial rifting of the southeastern Gulf of Mexico and western Bahamas" in an upcoming Geological Society of London Special Publication due out later this year. Dr. Erlich will also be presenting this work at the upcoming American Association of Petroleum Geologists annual meeting in Houston in June.

Cayo Energy's geoscience technical work with the Hockely salt mine is also underway, in partnership with Paul O'Sullivan and GeoSep Services of Moscow, Idaho. U-Pb radiometric dating of detrital zircons is progressing and we will present this work to the mine ownership prior to publication sometime in late 2020.

As might be expected, projects with four new and existing clients are now on hold due to the major drop in oil prices and the ongoing doubt regarding global economic conditions due to the COVID19 virus outbreak. We hope to be back working on these projects before the end of 2020.
January 1, 2019

Dr. Robert Erlich Appointed to the Board of Selva Energy
Cayo Energy is pleased to announce that Dr. Robert Erlich, Executive Director of Cayo has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Colombian junior oil Selva Energy, effective December 18, 2018. Dr. Erlich brings over 38 years of industry experience to Selva, which includes upstream operating experience in Selva's focus country of Colombia. Selva Energy is headed by CEO Max Torres, an industry veteran and former Exploration Vice President for Colombia state company Ecopetrol.

Selva will focus on upstream acquisition targets in the Middle Magdalena and Llanos Basins of Colombia, with the goal of achieving 20,000 bopd of operated production. The company will also focus on free cash flow and return on capital, and will strive to be recognized as an effciient, socially and environmentally sensitive operator. To learn more about Selva Energy please visit
December 24, 2018

Cayo Energy Completes Work on Major Project for ION E&P Advisors
Cayo Energy is pleased to announce the completion of its portion of a major report supporting ION E&P Advisors' acquisition and processing of its new PanamaSpan seismic program. Cayo's work on the report, which began in early 2017, focused on a petroleum systems assessment of onshore and offshore Panama. The work was done in conjunction with ION staff and Jim Pindell of Tectonic Analysis Inc. Find out more about this highly prospective new area, the seismic survey, and the report by clicking

December 24, 2018

Cayo Energy Assists with Successful Midstream Project Transaction
Cayo Energy is pleased to announce that its client, Enerflex Ltd., was the successful bidder for the construction, operation, and equity ownership of a natural gas processing facility in the Bahia state of Brazil. The facility will be built for production from Canadian junior Alvopetro Energy Ltd.'s Gomo Field, with an initial contract period of 10 years. You can read the full press release here. Enerflex is a publicly traded, global operating company that engineers, designs, manufactures and provides after-market 
support for equipment, systems and turnkey facilities used to process and move natural gas from the wellhead to the pipeline. You can find out more about Enerflex' operations and capabilities by clicking
October 3, 2018

Our Latest Technical Work is Now Available Online!
Our two new technical papers on Peruvian geology have just been published online by the AAPG as part of their upcoming Memoir 117, Petroleum basins and hydrocarbon potential of the Andes of Peru and Bolivia. Please see Chapter 6: "Depositional Environments and Geochemistry of the Upper Triassic to Lower Jurassic Pucara Group, Huallaga Basin, Peruand Chapter 7: "Stratigraphy and LA-ICP-MS Zircon U-Pb Provenance of Middle Permian to Maastrichtian Sandstones from Outcrop and Subsurface Control in the Sub-Andean Basins of Peru" for our contributions to this important new treatise on Andean geology.

A link to Chapter 6 can be found here ; a link to Chapter 7 can be found here. Please contact us if you would like to know more about these groundbreaking new studies.
August 30, 2018

It's Been a Busy Year
For those who have been following our activities, we apologize for the long delay between updates. A physical displacement in August 2017 due to Hurricane Harvey did not slow the updates, however, the relocation back to our original offices did. 2018 has been a very busy year for Cayo Energy, with the continuation of our contract with Mitsubishi Americas and year 2 of our contract with ION E&P Advisors. We also completed very important contracts with an international service company and a PE-based US E&P investment firm. Additionally, we expect the imminent online publication of two major technical publications on Peruvian geology for the AAPG (Click here to see the titles); we will provide an update and a DOI link once the papers are available to the public. You can also contact Bob for pre-print copies at: .
November 16, 2017

Additional CSA Signed with Elliott Management
Cayo Energy has signed a third Consulting Services Agreements (CSA) with the well known New York hedge fund, Elliott Management Corporation. Elliott Management, founded by the famous activist investor Paul Singer, is invested in numerous global industries and companies and has over $34 billion under management. Cayo will work with Elliott's staff and management to provide the company with geoscience and business strategy consulting services on a global basis across ongoing and future projects. "We are honored to work with such a high-profile and successful company. The Elliott Management team has proven to be highly qualified and creative, and we hope our business relationship continues to grow in 2018 and beyond," said Wendy Hale-Erlich, Cayo Energy Managing Partner. The term of the agreement is for 12 months.
November 16, 2017

CSA's Signed with 2 New Clients
During the past 3 months, Cayo Energy signed two Consulting Services Agreements (CSA) with Sol Investments Limited, a Cayman Islands company and Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas). Cayo will provide both companies with geoscience and business strategy consulting services on a global basis across ongoing and future projects. "We are excited to work with the highly experienced management team at Sol Investments, a leader in Caribbean-focused energy projects, and hope this marks the start of a long and productive relationship. Our new agreement with Mitsubishi is the outgrowth of almost 10 years of constructive business discussions. We know and have great personal and professional respect for the management and staff at Mitsubishi and expect great success in our future endeavors," said Wendy Hale-Erlich, Cayo Energy Managing Partner. The term of the both agreements is for 12 months.
May 5, 2017

CSA Signed with ION E&P Advisors
Cayo Energy is pleased to announce the signing of a Consulting Services Agreement (CSA) with ION E&P Advisors, a division of ION Geophysical. Cayo will provide ION E&P Advisors with geoscience and business strategy consulting services on a global basis and across multiple ongoing and future projects. "We are pleased to have this opportunity to work with an industry leader in global E&P solutions and look forward to helping ION E&P Advisors continue to grow and excel in their markets," said Wendy Hale-Erlich, Cayo Energy Managing Partner. The term of the agreement is for 12 months.
April 9, 2017

Announcing a New Product for Our Clients
Cayo Energy is pleased to announce our new Guide to Planning and Executing Geological Field Programs. The guide relies on our more than 30 years of experience in planning and executing successful geological field programs and subsequent analytical programs in numerous countries. Many of the publications shown in our list of technical publications were based around successful field programs and the follow-up analytical work done on field and subsurface samples collected during those programs. A sample review of the Guide can be found under our Services section (click here) and a free High-Level Overview can be found here. Please contact us for additional information.
April 9, 2017

New Confidential Client Contracts to be Inked
Cayo Energy recently signed an agreement with a major Hedge Fund to help advise on upstream E&P investments. This contract is ongoing and has been quite active in Q1 2017. Additional contracts are under negotiation with several international service companies and two independent, Private Equity-funded E&P companies to act as technical advisers within Cayo's list of expert countries.
February 23, 2017

Coming Soon!
Cayo Energy has been busy building a portfolio of drill-ready prospects and play concepts covering conventional and unconventional plays in Colombia, Peru, and the US Gulf Coast. Teasers highlighting the prospects and plays will be available without an NDA in the coming months; detailed presentations can be arranged with prospective clients after executing an NDA covering the prospect/play and the AOI. Many of the prospects are quick access opportunities that may be available through direct negotiation with the host government hydrocarbon agencies or lease holders. Please check back for more news on these exciting opportunities!
February 23, 2017

Coming Soon!
Work continues on the Cayo Energy Guide to Planning and Executing Geological Field Programs. Tis will be a comprehensive guide meant to include all key aspects of how to plan and execute field programs in the US and other countries, and will cover such important themes as:

  • Assessing participant qualifications, team skills, and in-country assistance.
  • Gearing up - what to bring, what to leave at home.
  • Budgeting and logistics.
  • HSSE considerations.
  • Advance planning for sampling and analysis of samples.

Cayo will offer the guide and this service to prospective clients who need to do this critical work in support of exploration and production programs on a worldwide basis. The guide should be ready in March so please check back for updates!
February 8, 2017

Cayo Completes Initial Basin Ranking and M&A Study
Cayo Energy has just completed a study for a multinational client reviewing the process and methodologies used to perform worldwide basin ranking and geographically-focused M&A ranking programs. While the study was done as part of larger project for a sovereign wealth fund client, Cayo's contribution significantly enhanced and expanded the client's understanding of how to meet their future growth and production goals.
January 14, 2017

New Technical Publications Due Out In 2017
Cayo Energy staff have been working for the past 9 months on two major studies of Peruvian geology, specifically targeted to address key technical issues facing oil and gas operators in the country. With the cooperation of the AAPG and Perupetro, Cayo will publish "Stratigraphy and LA-ICP-MS zircon U-Pb provenance of Middle Permian-Maastrichtian sandstones from outcrop and subsurface control in the Subandean basins of Peru" and "Depositional environments and geochemistry of the Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic Pucara Group, Huallaga Basin, Peru" in an upcoming AAPG Memoir, due out in mid-2017. 

Said Dr. Robert Erlich, Director of Upstream Consulting, "We believe these studies will be of great benefit to the Peruvian government and to companies exploring for hydrocarbons in the Peruvian Subandean basins. We also see a great opportunity for existing operators and producers to utilize our methodology for identifying reservoir sandstones to help them realize potential upside in their license areas and fields."

Pending approval from the AAPG, we will post links to the accepted versions of both studies at a later date.

January 14, 2017

Acorn International Support Services for Deep-water Mexico Exploration
Acorn International, an affiliated company in the Cayo Energy practice, has established a partnership with Grupo BioNature, a Mexican environmental and social management company based in Veracruz. Utilizing the expertise of both companies, Acorn International and Grupo BioNature will provide local experts on regulatory tracking and compliance issues, and will offer HSE and Social Management programs for onshore, shallow-, and deep-water operators. To learn more, please see this link.
September 30, 2016

Cayo Energy Announces New Affiliated Consultant
Cayo Energy is pleased to announce that Acorn International, a highly respected global environmental and social risk management consultancy, has joined the growing list of affiliated companies with whom we cooperate and collaborate. Dr. Robert Erlich, Senior Director of Upstream Consulting said, "We are excited to be able to work with Acorn International on projects within our mutual operating areas. We look forward to offering our clients the chance to work with such a highly skilled and respected global social and environmental risk management enterprise."

A brief description of Acorn International's practice can be found below. Please follow the link to find out more about Acorn International.

What We Do

International industries and investors are facing important, emerging trends that are redefining their needs for consulting services in support of overseas development programs. Through years of experience and careful listening, Acorn International understands the industry’s key challenges to be:

  • Maximizing the use of local content in support services
  • Providing efficient local access to projects, agencies and services
  • Providing local insight to social customs and political concerns
  • Simplifying effort and time required for contracting services
  • Minimizing time and difficulty of managing local teams
  • Assuring quality of work performed
  • Providing low cost complementary international consulting teams
  • Using fixed price contracts to provide understanding of costs up front, where possible

Acorn International’s mission is to deliver superior value to international industries by providing affordable, world-class EHSS assurance consulting services overseas. The company operates not through a traditional consulting services model, but by providing structured tools and coordination to qualified host-country teams, maintaining a link with international clients and building capacity in the host-country team. This service works by integrating three critical elements:

  1. Well-qualified staff
  2. An established network of qualified host-country teams worldwide
  3. Established protocols and tools (EHSS AssuranceTM)